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Godrej is one of the most popular Indian brands in the Home Appliances sector. The company has a glorious history of more than 113 years, and it is growing exponentially in markets around the world. Godrej manufactures ACs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Geysers, and other home appliances for the Indian market. To make things easier for you, we have Godrej service center in Hyderabad where highly skilled engineers work tirelessly to provide the best services. We at Electronic Zone provide installation, repair, and other services for Godrej home appliances at your doorsteps.


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100 percent customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential for us. We make sure that the appliance is working properly before we give it back after repairs. When our team performs repair or installation services at your home, we check the godrej appliance multiple times before we close the job.

Godrej Service Center in Hyderabad ,godrej service center near me ,godrej service centre ,godrej service center number

No hidden charges

We make sure there is no hidden or overcharging. Everything is mentioned on the estimate slip and invoice so that you know what you are paying for. At our Godrej service center in Hyderabad, we only charge for the services provided and spare parts (if any) as per MRP.

Godrej Service Center in Hyderabad ,godrej service center near me ,godrej service centre ,godrej service center number

Highly skilled team

We only hire an experienced team of experts to provide best Godrej services to our customers. You can check the credentials of our engineers to make sure we have the authorization and training from Godrej to repair your appliance.

Godrej Service Center in Hyderabad ,godrej service center near me ,godrej service centre ,godrej service center number


We are among the most affordable Godrej repair center in Hyderabad. We make sure that our customers do not have to shy away to get quality services from Electronic Zone because of the high cost.



Washing Machine Authorised Service Center


Godrej washing machines are among the favorites in the Indian home appliance market because of strong built and after-sale services. You should clean your washing machine and make sure there is no water or soap left after use. If you need deep cleaning services or washing machine has stopped working, you can contact us at our Godrej Washing Machine Service Center Electronic Zone.


Refrigerator Service


Refrigerator should be cleaned every once in a while to avoid foul smell and mold formation. You should not keep expired products and produce them in the refrigerator. The rubber may get loose after years of use, which should be repaired immediately. If there is a gas leak or your fridge is not working properly, please contact our Godrej Refrigerator Service Center.


AC Service


You should clean the AC before using it for the first time after the winter season. Also, the installation should be done by an authorized professional only. In case you need cleaning, installation, or repair services for your AC, you can call our Godrej AC Service Center, and we will send our engineers to your place for assistance.


Micro Oven Service Center


Micro oven makes it easy for the Indian working families to enjoy good wholesome food at home. However, they may stop working properly after some years of use because of a manufacturing defect, faulty wire, or improper usage. If your Godrej Micro oven is not working properly, you can call our Godrej Micro Oven Service Center.

Frequently Asked Question?
  • What is the cost of repairing the Non-Warranty Appliance at Godrej Service center in Hyderabad?

    Our engineer will provide an estimate before starting the work. We assure you that the amount will be reasonable and the best in the market.
  • How many days will it take to get my Appliance back from the Godrej repair center in Hyderabad?

    In most cases, we complete the repair work in a maximum of two days. However, if a spare part is not immediately available at our service center, we will provide you an estimate about how many days it may take.
  • Do I need to send my home Appliance to Godrej service center in Hyderabad?

    If it is a washing machine, refrigerator, or AC, our engineer will visit your home and check it. If it can be repaired at your location, he will complete the work at near your location.
  • What is the Godrej Service center number and Electroniczone in Hyderabad?

    You can either directly call on Godrej service center number 7842466622 or write to us on our email [email protected]. You can also visit our Godrej service center in Hyderabad for assistance.


Electronic zone has evolved to be the most trusted name in the region of Air Conditioner and TV Sets,Refrigerator,washing machine servicing and repairing. With rising numbers of Air Conditioners and ultramodern TV Sets namely LCDs and LEDs in the market, more and more problems are arising as the existing ones are having their time of life Contact Us: 7842466622 : 8008066622 : 9705766622

It is really difficult for you to go around the town holding your malfunctioning Air Conditioner to have it repaired. Godrej Service Center near you in Hyderabad comes to your rescue by offering services right at your doorstep. Just connect with Godrej service and we will send one of our service center experts to your house so that your device can be serviced or repaired right in its place. There’s no more the ordeal of unclasping the device and clasping it back again just for the sake of getting it repaired or serviced.

Our Godrej service is quite customer-friendly and to add meaning to that phrase, our shutters are open on 7 days a week. We welcome you to contact us on any day between 8 AM and 9 PM to have your A/C or TV set repaired or serviced Contact Details: 7842466622 : 8008066622 : 9705766622

Are you sorting out Godrej Service Center Hyderabad?

Electroniczone is the end-to-end best Godrej appliances service center in Hyderabad, Telangana. We tend to cope with all Godrej merchandise like fridge, washing machine, microwave and AC, everyone home appliances of Godrej. Our skilled technicians are a unit well trained and well qualified. Our slogan is to produce the most effective service solutions to our customers with reasonable service charges in Twin Cities.


We provide Godrej Service system in Hyderabad. For Godrej, criticism booking fills our online criticism booking kind. Our service engineer can assessment you. We’ll offer a service on the same day. Godrej Service Centre in Hyderabad Today’s generation is all regarding the agitated era for everybody. And this makes each face tons of difficulty in their lives. If you can’t run quickly, then, sure enough, you’ll get fragmentize by the opposite. As this is often on one aspect if we’ve any pressing meeting in our workplace.

And we’re dashing resolute catch the bus, in this hurry, we’ll, sure enough, try and skip the deeds as an alternative complete. That task in an exceedingly rugged method that may halt us to achieve resolute the workplace in time. You may find yourself for Godrej Fridge Service Center in Hyderabad.

Godrej AC Service Center Hyderabad. We have a tendency to area unit the top-notch appliance. You will find yourself finding us usually, we’ll be reckless with our family appliances, isn’t it? This creates the matter here. Hence, when producing each appliance, the corporate includes the purpose of any improper usage. Or mishandling of this equipment can cause damage (repair) to that. Yes, we tend to at the services area unit here with the slogan of helping the purchasers.

But, if the difficulty together with your desirable appliance is kind of little, then it's manageable. But, if it feels like the large issue. Then its little question, you’ll get the bill of heights. As we’re living in one in all the largest metropolitan cities in India i.e. Hyderabad in terms of technological development and population. There’s no got to worry regarding any kind of technical problems. Speaking regarding the usage of school appliances here, it's additionally increasing day by day.

Godrej Refrigerator Service Center Hyderabad

Summer is returning means that everybody needs the refrigerator reception. In summer, everybody desires something should cool. Thus a number of them keep the things within the refrigerator. And it's a necessary appliance use in our everyday life. We tend to not solely keep the eatable things we can additionally keep medicines, drinks and plenty of a lot of. We tend to opt for the branded company though our fridge bears some issues when long-term usage. Godrej Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad will solve your issues relating to the refrigerator. Allow us to observe some common problems often found in an exceedingly Fridge.

Water leakage: The fridge contains different partitions within the inner a part of it. In this inner half there exist some attracts. And it collects the waste or excess water manufacturing from the Deepfreeze. Here typically it's going to bear some drawback. As a result, the water could leak from the interior a part of the fridge. And it's going to result from all-time low and therefore the cooling capability can cut back bit by bit.

Less cooling: If your mechanical device, a condenser isn't operating properly. Then the fridge doesn't turn out spare cooling. And therefore the things within the fridge could get spoiled. The fruits and vegetables hold on within the fridge may rotten. And additionally relying upon the season, the cooling capability can modification. In summer, it consumes a lot of power for cooling and in winter relatively less power.

Lock system: Suddenly if the door of your fridge is fastened. Then what is going to you do? Don’t try and open your fridge door with the assistance of a pointy knife or alternative objects. It’s dangerous too for a fridge. Visit a service center to unlock the door of the fridge.

Outlet hose: The outlet hose of the fridge may leak water. Or it's going to contain a payment quantity of water and dirt that isn't in the slightest degree a decent sign. In past days the water bin should clear manually. However, because the technology is changed there's no would like for cleanup manually or hose of the fridge. Typically it's going to be spoiled.

Temperature changes: As we tend to all apprehend that the temperature within the fridge is a smaller amount. To stay the eatables contemporary and clean. If the temperature within the fridge is usually ever-changing then contemplate it as a haul. Provides a decision to the service center. And create your drawback solve for the effective operating of your fridge.

Heat body: The mechanical device acts as a key role in an exceeding fridge. That wont to turn out cooling for the things or stuff within the fridge. Thus if that mechanical device loses its potency the primary issue happens to a fridge is –heat body. Yes, you'll feel the warmth at the external a part of the fridge. We tend to can’t even bite the edges of the fridge body owing to that heat. Solve this by consulting a decent technician of a fridge.

Hence, visit Godrej fridge Service Center Hyderabad, wherever that works with efficiency in repairs and satisfies the purchasers. Our main slogan is to serve customers totally at intervals less amount of your time utterly with none risk.

Godrej Washing Machine Service Center Hyderabad

If we tend to have bought a contraption or appliance we can’t use it for some time. At extent, we’ll, sure enough, face some drawback. So we’ll appear for Godrej Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad. As there's no rule that, everybody ought to apprehend everything, even if someone could be a coder. He can’t solve all the school appliances problems, isn’t it? Thence, there's a large demand for fridge technicians these days. And that we have the most effective talent cluster of extremely qualified technicians with us. Godrej Washing Machine<