Samsung is known for its innovation, user-friendly design, and extensive use of modern technology in home appliances. With Samsung products at your home, you can enjoy life to the fullest. Being one of the most popular brands for home appliances, Samsung has provided some of the best products to its customers across the globe. The company is known for its outstanding after-sale services as well. It produces several large appliances such as ACs, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. In case your appliance breaks down or needs service, you should only choose an authorized and reliable Samsung Service Center in Hyderabad, like our Electronic Zone.


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Authorized Service Cente

The first thing you should do while choosing a Samsung repair center near in Hyderabad is to check and confirm if it is an authorized service center or not. Electronic Zone is one of the very few certified service centers of Samsung in the city. We have years of experience in providing the best possible repair services for Samsung products.

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Well trained skilled team

All engineers who work at Electronic Zone are well-trained engineers who got training for specific brands from the company’s training centers. Every time a new technology comes into the market, we make sure that our team gets all the required training right away. When you arrive at our service center, we at ElectricZone make sure that your product is in safe hands. Samsung washing machine

samsung service center near me,Samsung Service Center in Hyderabad,samsung service center hyderabad telangana,samsung service center number,samsung repair center

Affordable pricing

Though we have the best team in the city, our pricing is affordable. We do not charge hefty fees for repairs and replacements. The parts we use come from the company, and we make sure to mention the MRP of the part and services charges on the invoice. Our Samsung service center does not believe in hidden charges. If there is a change in the invoice amount, we will first confirm with and proceed only after getting approval.


Washing Machine Authorised Service Center

It is essential to clean the washing machine every time you wash the clothes. It is necessary to clean it every once in a while. Also, it is essential to remove water and soap after washing the clothes to avoid mold formation. In case you are unable to do it yourself or face any issue with the machine, you can call our Samsung repair Center for the service.

Television Service

From CRT to modern LED televisions, technology has changed a lot. It is common to face issues with your TV from time to time. If you find dead pixels or colorless areas on your television, please call Samsung Service Center in Hyderabad Telangana for assistance. Our engineer will visit your place and provide you the estimate and repair it for you. We also offer a TV installation service.

Refrigerator Service

From time to time, you should defrost your refrigerator. Also, you should make sure that there is no mold formation on the rubber of the door. Regular shelf cleaning and removing expired food items from the fridge are also essential for food safety. You can call our Samsung Refrigerator Service Center for repair and cleaning services.

AC Service

AC has become an essential part of our lives. A yearly cleaning is essential before you start using it in the summer season. Sometimes the compressor breaks down and needs immediate attention, or the stabilizer may stop working all of a sudden. In such cases, you should contact our Samsung AC Service Center ElectronicZone for assistance.

Micro Oven Service Center

Microwave ovens are a blessing for modern families. However, in some cases, they may break down without any warning. In case it fails to heat food, unable to start or you accidentally put something which is prohibited like an egg or a metal spoon, you should contact our Samsung Micro Oven Service Center immediately.

Frequently Asked Question?
  • How much we charge at our Samsung service center in Hyderabad?

    We can only provide an estimate for the repair or part replacement after accessing the problem. Every Samsung appliance comes with different sets of parts, which may cost more or less as per its MRP.
  • How many days will it take to get your Appliance back from the Samsung service center?

    Depending on the work, it may take up to two days or more. If the spare part is available at our Samsung service center, it will be done in the day time.
  • Do I need to send my Washing Machine to your Samsung repair center in Hyderabad?

    No, our representative will visit your home to check and repair the washing machine. You do not have to come to our Samsung service center for this service.
  • Can you use cheaper compatible parts for the Samsung Appliance?

    We understand that original parts are expensive, but we suggest not using incompatible parts as they can damage the appliance further.
  • What is the Samsung service center number and How can you reach your Samsung service and repair center?

    If you face any problem with your Samsung appliance, please feel free to contact us at Service center number 9705766622 or visit our Electronic Zone Authorised service center near you. If you want a home service, please call our customer care.


Electronic Zone has evolved to be the most trusted name in the region of Air Conditioner and TV Sets servicing and repairing. With rising numbers of Air Conditioners and ultramodern TV Sets namely LCDs and LEDs in the market, more and more problems are arising as the existing ones are having their time of life Contact Us: | 9705766622 | 04066833000 | 7842466622 |

It is really difficult for you to go around the town holding your malfunctioning Air Conditioner to have it repaired. Samsung Service and repair Center near you in Hyderabad comes to your rescue by offering services right at your doorstep. Just connect with Samsung and we will send one of our authorised repair service center experts near your house so that your device can be serviced or repaired right in its place. There’s no more the ordeal of unclasping the device and clasping it back again just for the sake of getting it repaired or serviced.Samsung AC

Electronic Zone is quite customer-friendly and to add meaning to that phrase, our shutters are open on 7 days a week. We welcome you to contact us on any day between 8 AM and 9 PM to have your A/C or TV set repaired or serviced Contact Details: | 9705766622 | 04066833000 | 7842466622 |

Samsung service repair center in Hyderabad. It is one of the most broadly developed of all our brands. Samsung Electronics has an enlargement of domestic gear that exhibits the significance of our everyday lives. TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, AC, etc. The improvements furnish us with a stage of comfort. in addition, all of these electronics can assist us. With the complete component from household things to do to leisure. Samsung has associated us with the subsequent age of existence. subsequent, man does now not ought to conflict for whatever.Samsung TV

Enter the room and spark off the domestic TV, AC, and many others. We are capable of now not favour to exhibit on each gadget manually whilst it comes home. These days it has come to be a style that as soon as we enter the door. The gadget is activated and Samsung devices can grow to become on. troubles with your personal domestic equipment? contact us at Samsung service center Hyderabad

Washing machine service

Fridge service

Microwave oven service

Air conditioner service

TV service

Machines are machines that may also wash our clothes. With the utilization of energy. However, they should decrease our workload and pressure. If we study ourselves, then we can recognize the significance of machines. The washing gadget is the most really useful of all household domestic equipment. Additionally, these days we do now not have time to scrub clothes, so we will use a device. He can decide out how masses water he can devour after which he can rinse, dry clothes without our involvement. There are numerous kinds:


Top loading

Front loading



AC Service Center in Hyderabad

Working Time

All Days :- 24/7 Hours


Hyderabad , Secunderabad all Areas

24 Hours Hotline

9705766622 | 9885578328 | 9347129433


Issues are no longer uncommon in any home equipment. Similarly, washing machines moreover make a few troubles. It will no longer drain the machine, no longer swap on. Water will leak, noisy washer, its body scent, no detergent doling out. The washer will cease in the center, vibrating gadget will damage the rating, the washer does now not spin, etc. If your system is inflicting such problems. Then you can also contact the nice company center technical Samsung issuer center Hyderabad.


The fridge is these days additionally known. As a now not uncommon kitchen equipment. It should keep our meals impenetrable for a lengthy time. In addition, it ought to sluggish down the interest of bacteria. In this situation, if we maintain the meals out at everyday room temperature. The boom of microorganisms spoils our meals. Temperatures stop the microorganism from growing. If our meals are in the refrigerator. therefore, refrigeration can keep our foods glowing for a lengthy time. There are several varieties of fridges. like:


One door refrigerators

Double door refrigerators

Multiple doors


Relying on utilization and time, the fridge can additionally create a few kinds of problems. These consist of the freezer now not being sufficient, water leaking at the floor, foods in the foods bin. The fridge on foot constantly, ice builders inner the ice dispenser, fridges, foods coolers. A fragrant and noisy refrigerator, and so on. Sorts of troubles can be solved via the use of the technician of our company center. Next, you can contact us to get the high-quality home offerings Samsung provider center Hyderabad.

Microwave Oven:

A microwave oven is home equipment that cooks and heats our meals. However, it makes use of energy and produces microwave radiation, via which it cooks our food. If we evaluate it with the help of a gasoline range, it is some distance much less dangerous. Also, it is capable to prepare dinner ingredients in much less time and hold our busy agenda. It's going to no longer produce smoke like a gasoline range. The approach of strolling is so simple. It without a doubt takes the timer into interest. Our work is performed. a number of its varieties are as follows.


Solo microwave oven

Grill microwave oven

Convection microwave oven


Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Ductless, Window, Unit, Portable, Hybrid and Geothermal



We are providing all brands of refrigerator service and repairs.

Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Servicing and repairing self-load, automatic, semi-automatic, fully-automatic.



Any model, all brands under one roof.



Providing CRT, LCD, LED, QLED. Same day service, 24/7/365 days.

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

All models of ovens. 100% customer satisfaction. Experienced technicians.

Microwave oven problems encompass the microwave no longer turning on. Now no longer cooking, keypad buttons now not running, glowing oven, the microwave stops inner the center. The oven dries out, the turntable does now no longer rotates, the fuse blows, the fuse blows. Oven, noisy oven, oven door does no longer open, etc. if your microwave oven has this type of trouble. Do no longer panic. You can contact our super technician at Samsung provider center Hyderabad.

Air conditioner:

Air conditioners can grow our performance. It may want to reduce the extent of allergens internal the respiratory air. Mostly, AC summer season time can aid us in dehydrating you. It may additionally maintain us cool all the time by way of imparting cool and conditioned airflow. We will adjust air conditioners to the use of some distance off from any nook of our home. There are several sorts of air conditioners. We buy what suits our charge vary and needs. There are numerous sorts:Samsung


Split A.C.

Window AC

Wall-Mount A.C.


In case you use your AC often, and if the unit receives antiques. It can also additionally create a few troubles. Common AC troubles consist of water leakage, low refrigerant, condenser coil, leaking pipes, frozen evaporation coil, sewer problems. Fan troubles, filters, warm air waft from AC, no air from AC, AC now not grew to be on. Occur, ailment inner the compressor, and so on. In such instances, you might also contact our service center Samsung provider center Hyderabad. Our service center can ship the pleasant technician to your personal domestic to unravel your problem.Samsung washing machine

Clients can get in contact with us through the phone numbers given below and to get the administration. Consumers additionally supply us his / their objection via tapping at the internet site provided thru us here. Upon accomplishing us, our heads have been given a few data about the trouble that has arisen to your machines. At that point, they request which you provide your subtleties. Which consists of name, transportable variety, and address, to register his / her breakdown. In assessment to special purchaser care administrations, we've got bought splendid skilled professionals who are extraordinary. Our mechanical engineers are on hand in all places inside the town. With these strains, clients receive our management, no count number which component of the city it is far.

We additionally supply quick get right of entry to way. Operations at a less expensive price. Inside the event that any element is broken, we complement them with any different one. Simply call us if all your gadgets have any broken elements. We ship our technician in your door and make sure the trouble is solved. Samsung affords three months' assurance for the spare elements furnished to you. Home equipment is the magnificent domestic gear that aids us in numerous components. We can see many producers that manufacture these gadgets. Samsung is one of the fantastic brands. Samsung additionally presents the quality choices to purchasers at a low-cost price.

Our offerings:

The domestic home equipment that we use each day is playing some vital feature in our lives. That preservation all types of home appliances. we have talented specialists who can smooth any trouble interior the call. We use much home equipment in our everyday existence. Humans can't agree with their lives without these gadgets. alternatively. If they get in trouble throughout the operation you find out the notable company center. That is why Samsung offers gorgeous choices at low fees. We moreover reply to purchasers by their first name.

Samsung is a multinational company that manufactures car components and industrial products. All of your devices might also be issued. Then you can rent an expert technician from our issuer center via the given numbers. We've acquired an immoderate expert generation in Hyderabad that can enhance each machine nicely. We moreover grant reductions on spare factors and you will get 1-month service assurance and three months larger parts provider.


TV is the first-order broadcast digital which can effectively be existing something. It is without a doubt amazing TV is absolutely addictive and effective. If our authorities wish to create a focal point about something. It should use presentation very efficaciously. In modern times it has flip out to be a gorgeous furnish of marketing. There are several sorts of TVs, collectively with:

Types of TVs:





Like different electronics, television can create a few issues. TV issues consist of photo distortion, a photo showing pixilation, clean TV, granular appearance, squashed photograph. The widespread shutdown of TV zoomed image, audio, and video incompatibility, etc. If your TV has any defects in that case, then do now not seem for technology. You may additionally contact the high-quality provider center of Samsung service center Hyderabad at once. This is our center that sends the nice technician to your domestic. To get to the bottom of your problems.

A way to attain:

If you are having a problem with any of your residence domestic equipment, you ought no longer to worry. Simply contact us at Samsung company center Hyderabad and get great domestic services. In case you contact us online, you might also want to fill for your call, large variety. Cope with, landmark vicinity, product issue, and so on. This information may be acquired with the aid of our technician and will attain you in some hours.Samsung refrigerator

After contacting, it will supply you with a 6-digit code recreation sheet variety. This is due to the fact if the repairs are repeated. Our people ask this code to make clear their doubts. Then our technician will take a seem at the precise factor of your product. A clarification for you briefly. In case you are organized to take the services, it will fix your product in a few minutes. Our service center Samsung company center Hyderabad offers a ninety-day warranty. On spare components, with a 30-day guarantee on popular services.

Nice technician in Hyderabad:

Technological know-how is evolving in our lives, human beings do now no longer have time to spend on their homework. So that they emerge as hooked on machines to loosen up and whole their work internally in no time. There are several domestic tools inclusive of washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and air conditioners, and so forth. Human beings use machines to get speedy work in busy lifestyles at a low cost. There may be innovation in our lives, humans do no longer have a superb opportunity to make investments. In their household work, so that they matter on machines to be unpredictable and complete. Their work interior a short length of time.

Anyhow, the machine will inconvenience at the identical time thinking. About the troubles for which we should are seeking for a recommendation. From the nice expert for the uncertainty, whereby you will find out the superb administration to your gadgets. Lifestyles progress in our lives, human beings do now not have the proper chance to invigorate. Their circle of spouse and children work for you to get on the machines and entire their work right away. Several domestic tools are consisting of washing machines, fridges, microwave ovens, and air conditioners, etc. People use machines to get smart work at their clamming lifestyles Samsung LED

Individuals are being captured with their moves. returning from an enterprise or work. They do no longer have the probability to end their duties. In their personal household unit. in the match that machines messing up. With any troubles always go to our net page. Our expert will apprehend this trouble in the realm of loneliness. The devices we use every day are coming in plenty of kinds. Everyone has wonderful capabilities. Most fulfilling abilities help us stop work quickly. Units as soon as in a whilst get into hassle at some point of operation. To get to the bottom of the troubles you have acquired here. consequently. To make sure that your gadgets run efficaciously, you prefer to preserve them. With acceptable repairs and services. you want to smooth the units at positive intervals.

Our Brands

we Specialize in Multi Brand Appliance Service

Human beings are addicted to domestic gear which helps them in many obligations. They can't consider their lives except for these gadgets. If the home equipment is having bothered. With any hassle right here you then have many domestic gear provider amenities spherical you in the market. In it, you have a bit of a capture state of affairs to choose the super amongst you. Also, we furnish excellent offerings in contrast to different services. We see many home tools issuer services that help us enhance home domestic equipment. The Samsung provider center is a home domestic gear service center that repairs all varieties of home domestic equipment. We have knowledgeable technicians who can ease any difficulty. Inside the name. purchasers moreover collect fast door choices on their first complaint.

Best Technician:

Home domestic gear plays a fundamental role in human existence. Human beings can't think about their lives without these gadgets. The gadgets we use in our day via day lives to assist us in numerous elements. At some stage in its operation. It will quit up in hassle with a few problems due to some harm to the components. To exchange them, you want an expert technician, for this broad variety. Go to the following cellular phone quantity or go to our website. The Samsung service center in Hyderabad has immoderate specialist technology which may want to enhance every system nicely. We moreover provide savings on spare factors. You can also get one-month issuer and assurance and months on spare components carrier.

Home domestic gear is the fine machine that encourages us from exclusive perspectives. We are in a position to see several manufacturers that make these machines. Samsung would possibly be a notable brand. We grant a notable kind of assistance to clients on the proper charge. The domestic tools that we use every day assist in a range of factors and get our work performed speedily. If they have trouble all through the operation, you may fear it. Right here you have the Samsung provider center to clear up such troubles. We provide an excellent company at a low-cost rate. additionally, we provide first-class gives to our purchasers on our services.Samsung oven

Quality Hyderabad services:

Domestic home equipment is assuming a vital feature in human existence. Men and women are counted upon these machines. They can't consider their existence except for these gadgets. However, you favour an expert to unravel these problems in the tournament or even as the machines are in danger. Then, to get your devices speedy administration, actually snap to the website. If home domestic tools will get in problem with some troubles. If they can also use without resting for a longer-term. This should damage the interior. You want a technician to restart your tool. For this, we provide fantastic offerings to the clients with the best expert technicians. We moreover provide pleasant offers to clients.

Domestic home equipment relies on an essential attribute in human existence. persons can not consider their existence except these gadgets. The machines we use in our everyday lives convey about us from special angles. In the course of its pastime, it's going to present with wonderful troubles due to a few damage in components. To enhance them you prefer a professional, name us under for this name or go to our website. Samsung provider center in Hyderabad - domestic home equipment Care. Samsung provider center in Hyderabad. Winging gadget restoration company center. We restoration all patterns of fridge, AC, television, oven.Samsung LED TV

Washing machine service center. The nice Samsung provider center in Hyderabad. A washing system is a system used to smooth garments besides any bodily attempt. With a machine, you do now not choose available water or squeeze it. A machine is recognized as a washing machine or solely a washing machine. The washing machine allows you to scrub the result without directing the recreation of its wear. All you want to do is placed the clothes inner the gadget and select the beginning mode. The washing machine measures the ensuing water and purification required and in addition devices the clock for washing. Flushing, and drying in maintaining with the chosen mode and wide variety of clothes.Samsung AC

Samsung provider center in Hyderabad. We supply fantastic choices to our esteemed consumers due to the fact. We agree within easy philosophy accept as true with an excellent, our high high-quality engineering crew is properly geared up. In addition to the great information internal the enterprise. The creating demand to have a washing machine at home is the trouble of saving time. The use of time and strength depends on the high-quality problem. With the arrival of techno existence. There may be no replacement for the washing machine, which has taken a special turn; A brand speaks for itself about the dignified possession of digital gadgets.Samsung refrigerator

fridge issuer center

Samsung fridge restores provider center, double door fridge repair, component by issue fridge repair service. Single Door Refrigerator, Samsung We provide doorstep service all varieties of fridges best. The fridge is one of the most crucial pieces of home equipment in our household unit. However, it keeps the foods nutritious and the drinks cool via forcing. The liquid refrigerant via the sealing machine, inflicting it to decompose. And draw warmness from the refrigerator. then again at that aspect. The scattered refrigerant passes thru the outdoor loops of the cooler. This heats up and turns it back proper into a liquid.

Talk about lifestyle-changing innovations. The fridge lets us hold foods increased correctly than interior the historical days. Even as this grew to become a tremendous mistake. Now a few hours of wasted meals at the counter will be closing some weeks inside the refrigerator. On the other hand, this makes our lives greater and extra beneficial. As nicely as promoting healthy living by way of lowering the risk of dietary diseases. However, lowering the temperature, in reality, slows down the increase of microorganisms. when something freezes, microscopic organisms amplify.Samsung TV

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